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The Move to Illinois
 Late in life, James Broyhill moved to Illinois.  Family tradition has long maintained that James and his two sons James Jr. and William made the trip together. This was not the case.
      In an undated letter, William Irving Broyhill, son of James Broyhill Jr., states that he was born in Tennessee in 1821, and that his father had decided to move to Illinois because of his opposition to slavery.  William Broyhill, son of James I, sold his farm in Wilkes on October 19, 1821, and then probably joined his brother James Jr. in Tennessee. The fact that James Sr. remained in Wilkes is well proven by the 1827 case in which he testified in the death of William Johnson.

Most families migrated westward in wagon trains. Sante Fe in Sight was painted
a long way from Illinois, but captures the excitement of such journeys.

     After leaving North Carolina, his two sons William and James Jr. stayed in Tennessee a short time, then moved to Sanagamon County, Illinois. James Sr. probably moved there shortly after selling the tract on Warrior Creek to William Triplett in 1828. James was then 67 years old and the thousand mile trek across the American wilderness must certainly have been an adventure. In the fall of 1831, James moved to Tazewell County. He died there on January 7, 1842, and is reportedly buried on the old homestead. Roger Broyhill of Peoria, Illinois believes that the land has now been turned into a housing subdivision.
     James and Rebecca had seven children:


ID No.

John Norman Broyhill


Polly Davis


Polly (or Mary) Broyhill


Nathaniel Broun


William Broyhill


Nancy Johnson


Sally (or Sarah) Broyhill


Isaiah Hampton


Frances Broyhill


Elijah Hampton


James Broyhill Jr.


Clarissa Johnson


Ann(e) Broyhill

1800??- ?

No further record


     Information provided by Illinois Broyhill's state that when James' estate was settled his son John Norman Broyhill and the four girls were in North Carolina. This author has been unable to locate those estate records. The Broyhills of North Carolina and Virginia descend from John Norman Broyhill.  Those from the mid-west descend from James Jr., except for Roger Broyhill of Illinois, who is the only living male descendant of William.

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