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     James was apparently not discouraged by the rout at Camden, because about a year later, in August of 1781, "I again volunteered under Captain Heming Bates of Halifax County. Captain Roberts and Captain Falkins also commanded companies from the same county; marched under command of Colonel Rogers to York Town; was then drafted in the Artillery and placed in the company of Captain Falkins, under General Lawson."
      He remained in constant and active service, throwing up entrenchments, etc., until the surrender of Yorktown by Cornwallis. "I do not remember the names of many of the officers except General Washington and the Marquis de LaFayette." He was discharged in the latter part of October, "then being unwell with the ague," and received a written discharge. "After the surrender I was again placed under the command of Capt. Bates. I think my discharge was signed by him; I have long since lost it. I was in service this time about two months, making in all eleven months I served during the Revolutionary War; I was always a private."

The British surrender at Yorktown

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