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James - the First Broyhill
Son of William Broughall Jr. 1760?-1832

    James Broyhill married Rebecca Bailey on Sept. 22, 1785, in Halifax County, Virginia.  His name was originally Broughill.  He adopted the present Broyhill spelling around 1806, when he moved from Virginia to Wilkes County, NC.  Every natural Broyhill in the United States descends from him and his wife Rebecca.  They had six children.  In general, most of the Broyhills of North Carolina and Virginia descend from John Norman and those of the mid-west from James Jr.
John Norman Broyhill 1788?-1826+
Polly (Mary) Broyhill 1789- ? 2
William Broyhill 1792-1877 3
Sally Broyhill 1802? 4
Francis Broyhill 1796- 5
James Broyhill Jr. July 24, 1798 6

About the Kids

John Norman is the ancestor of the North Carolina and Virginia Broyhills
Mary or Polly married Nathaniel Broun in Wilkes County, NC in 1810.
Sally and Francis Broyhill both married Hamptons.
William had many children, but few Broyhill descendents.
James Jr. is the ancestor of the Broyhills now living in the Midwest.

Broyhill Family Tree
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