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William Broyhill
son of James, the First Broyhill


    William was born Jan. 6, 1792, most likely in Virginia.  As a young child, he moved with his family to Wilkes County, N.C. During the War of 1812, he served with Colonel Pierson for a period of six months. He was stationed at Fort Hawkins, near present-day Macon, Georgia, not far from his father fought at the ill-fated Battle of Camden. His brother, John Norman Broyhill, may have served with the same outfit.  He later filed for a federal pension based on this service. In it, he stated that the majority of his time was spent in Alabama, where he fought the Creek Indians.
     On March 22, 1816, he married Nancy Johnson in Wilkes county. She was born Aug. 8, 1797, and family legend states she was related to President Johnson.  William and Nancy had six children, but Anna may have been the only one born in North Carolina, because in 1820 William moved to Tennessee, then went on to Illinois.
     William died May 21, 1877 and Nancy died march 29, 1872, both at Allentown, Illinois. Both are buried at Tennessee Point Cemetery, east of Tremont, Illinois.
     During the 1940's, their descendents were extensively documented by William Warren Broyhill (3D4-D).  Although each generation had many children, almost all were girls.  In general, only one  in each generation left a male heir.  Today the only surviving Broyhill descendent of this branch is Roger Broyhill of Peoria, Illinois. 
Anna Louise Broyhill Jan. 10, 1816 3A
Rebecca C. Broyhill Oct. 25, 1825 3B
Amanda M. Broyhill July 4, 1828 3C
William C. Broyhill Feb. 14, 1830 3D
Elizabeth Broyhill Nov. 24, 1835 3E
Francis Marion Broyhill Nov. 24, 1835 3F

About the Kids

William Warren Broyhill wrote that Anna was born Jan. 10, 1816, which was three months prior to her parents marriage, but he also wrote that she was born in Tazewell County, IL, which is certainly incorrect. She married Mathius Mount, but died at the age of 24. 
Rebecca died at the age of 11 in October of 1836.
Amanda married Samuel Russell and they had six children.  Both are buried at Tennessee Point Cemetery, a few miles of Tremont, Illinois.
William married Charlotte Warner and they had eight children.
Elizabeth was the twin of Francis and died at birth on Nov. 24, 1835.
Francis Marion married Mary Briminstool and they had two children. 

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