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Francis Marion Broyhill
son of  William Broyhill


   Little Marion" as he was generally known, was born Nov. 24,1835, and was the twin of Elizabeth, who died at birth.  He was most likely name for the famous "Swamp Fox," the partisan leader who became so famous during the Revolutionary War.  His grandfather, James I, no doubt knew of him as they both served at the Battle of Camden.  
      During the Civil War, he served as a teamster in the 108th Regiment of the Illinois Infantry and was discharged after the Battle of Vicksburg.  His cousin, Alexander, served in the same battle, but in a different unit.  
      He married Mary Briminstool.  She was born May 6, 1849, in Battle Creek , Michigan.  Francis died Feb. 22, 1906 and is buried at Tennessee Point.  
Leonard Francis Broyhill Oct. 3, 1869 3F1
Ira Albert Broyhill 1975 3F2

About the Kids

Leonard married Anna Marie Yaw.  He died March 13, 1927; she died around 1953.  Both are reportedly buried near Peoria, Illinois. One child: Esther Marie, born Maya 22, 1896. She married Harry Bruce Pinkerton.  One daughter: Mary Pinkerton.
Ira - Married Amanda Schneblin. One child: Chester

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