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  John Norman
    William C.
    Francis Marion
      Ira Albert
         Chester Edward
  James Jr.


Ira Albert Broyhill
son of Francis Marion Broyhill

   Ira was born in Allentown, Illinois on April 16, 1875; Amanda was born Aug.13, 1876 in Peoria, Illinois.  They were married in Peoria in November of 1895.
     Prior to prohibition, he operated a saloon, which offered a free lunch, which his wife cooked. He later worked for the city of Peoria and the State of Illinois. He died on June 7, 1935.  Amanda died June 21, 1958.  Both are buried in Springdale Cemetery.
     Ira played the mandolin and had a cabin boat on the Illinois River.  He hunted and fished for recreation.  
Chester Edward Broyhill June 3, 1896 3F2-A

About the Kids

Chester - Married Cecil Maxine Batton Hopper.  One child.

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