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  John Norman
    William C.
    Francis Marion
      Ira Albert
         Chester Edward
  James Jr.


Chester Edward Broyhill
son of  Ira Albert Broyhill

   Chester was born June 3, 1896, at Peoria, Illinois.  He served in the army during World War I. and was honorably discharged from Organizational Arsenal Company No. 1.
     After the war he went to work for Couch & Heyle Mill supply Company of Peoria.  He became the Company Secretary, Sales Manager and a stockholder.  He retired in February of 1963.  He was an avid fisherman fly and bait caster and a member of the Mohammed Temple Shrine of Peoria.
     He married Bertha Klatt on Nov. 7, 1922, and she died on May 1, 1933.  He married  Cecil Maxine Batton Hopper on June 17,1942.  They have one child. Chester died May 21, 1970, in Peoria and is buried at Swan Lake Cemetery.
Roger Allen Broyhill 1946 3F2-A1

About the Kids

Roger - Two daughters.

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