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William C. Broyhill
son of  William Broyhill


   William was born Feb. 14,1830, at Allentown, IL.  He married Charlotte Warner; they had eight children.  William died Feb. 23, 1904 and Charlotte died March 29, 1927, both at  Allentown. 
Kate Broyhill May 12, 1852 3D1
Warren Broyhill Dec. 21, 1853 3D2
Nancy Ella Broyhill May 30, 1855 3D3
Charles Otto Broyhill March 2, 1857 3D4
Bertha Broyhill March 10, 1859 3D5
Atwilda Broyhill June 24, 1861 3D6
Fannie May Broyhill Sept. 5, 1863 3D7
Cora Lee Broyhill Oct. 3, 1869 3D8

About the Kids

Kate - Married Seth Allen.  Both buried at Mackinaw Cemetery; Mackinaw, Il. Two children
Warren - Died at age 6.  Buried at Tennessee Point.
Nancy Ella - Died at age one.
Charles Otto - Married Mary Francis Lackland.  9 children.
Bertha - Married William O. McIntyre.  Both buried at Tennessee Point.  3 children.
Atwilda - Died as an infant
Fannie Mae - Died as an infant.  Buried at Tennessee Point.
Cora - Married Harry Mitchell Search.  Two children.

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