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James Broyhill Jr.
son of  James, the First Broyhill  1798-1849
   James Jr. was born in Wilkes County, NC on July 24, 1798.  He married Clarissa Harlow Johnson there on June 28, 1820.  One family member said that she was related to President Johnson.  They left Wilkes County in the fall of 1820, because James was opposed to slavery.  Clarissa gave birth to their first child, William Irving Broyhill, in Tennessee the following year.  They remained in the blue Grass State until the fall of 1829, because an undated letter of William Irving states that they arrived in Illinois in 1830.  James Jr. died in Tazewell County, Illinois on 
October 7, 1849.  
William Irving Broyhill Aug. 29, 1821 6A
Eli R. Broyhill Dec. 6, 1823 6B
Lucindie Broyhill Dec. 6, 1825 6C
Josephine Broyhill May 24, 1827 6D
Franklin Broyhill March 6, 1829 6E
Martin Broyhill 1831 6F
Calvin Marion Broyhill Jan. 22, 1834 6G
Alexander A. Broyhill Sept. 21, 1839 6H
Ambrose Broyhill Dec. 21, 1842 6J
Melissa Broyhill July 13, 1845 6K
Malona Broyhill July 13, 1845 6L

About the Kids

William Irving and his wife had 12 children.
Eli died at age 23 in 1846.  No record of marriage or children.
Lucindie - No further record.
Josephine - Married Elijah Stout. They lived in Cass County, Ill.  She reportedly died in
   Missouri Valley, Iowa in 1898.
Franklin - Died at age 19.  Never married.
Martin -
Calvin Marion - Called "Big Marion," he married Elvira Stubbs and had three daughters.
Alexander -  Killed in the Civil War.
Ambrose - Married Anna Richmond.  Two children.
Melissa - Married a Van Pelt.  Reportedly died in Tulsa, Ok in 1932.
Malona - The Twin of Melissa.  Married a Hammond.  Died in Peoria, Ill. in 1928.

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