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Ambrose Broyhill
son of  James Broyhill Jr.

Ambrose was born Dec. 21, 1842, probably in Tazewell County, Illinois.  Illinois marriage records show that he married Anna Richmond on Sept. 21, 1865.  In Tazewell County.   The 1880 census lists two children: Ada and Calvin.  He died at Normal, Ill. in 1914.
   The 1900 census for Normal; McLean, Illinois lists him as age 56; his father was  born in Tennessee.  Anna is 55; her father was born in Ohio. Their son George C. lives with them; he is age 30.  They have two borders: Fred Hobert and Everett Long.
  The family is on the 1910 census, same township.  Ambrose is 67this census says his father was born in Kentucky.  Anna is 64.  Living with them is son George Calvin Broyhill, age 40, and daughter in law Laura, age 40
Ada Broyhill 1867? 6JA
Calvin Broyhill 1871? 6JB

About the Kids

Above information from Census.  No further record.

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