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Charles Broyhill
son of   Broyhill

Charles was born Oct. 23, 1852 in Tazewell County, Illinois.  He married Ruth A. Clay at Dakota City, Nebraska on April 12, 1918, but this ws many years after the birth of all their children.  However, it should be noted that a C. Broyhill, age 27, and his wife Ruth (born in Oklahoma) are listed on the 1880 census for Burke County, Neb.  Charles and Ruth both died in Sioux City in 1918.  He on Feb. 26th and she on July 6.  Ruth's obituary states that she resided in Sioux city, Iowa for 30 years, so apparently all of their children were there. 
Stanley Clay Broyhill 1880?? 6A3-A
Ada Broyhill 1882?? 6A3-B
Maude Broyhill 1884?? 6A3-C
Florence Broyhill 1886?? 6A3-D
Alice Broyhill 1890?? 6A3-E
Floyd Broyhill 1892?? 6A3-F

About the Kids

Stanley - One known child.
Ada - Married August Nuss.
Maude - Born in Dakota City.  Married Harry C. Davis.  5 children.  Died in Iowa.
Florence - Married G.A. Emmett.  No children. Died prior to 1970.
Alice - Married William "Billie" Payne.  Two children.
Floyd - Married on April 16, 1921. No record of children.

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