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  John Norman
  James Jr.
    William Irving
       James Bryant
       Abraham Lincoln
       William Luce
       George Franklin
    Calvin Marion


William Luce Broyhill
son of  William Irving Broyhill

    William was born Feb. 13, 1863, at Brighton, Iowa.  He married Dora May Leamer on April 16, 1891.  She was from Pennsylvania.  They lived on a farm near Dakota City, Nebraska until 1909, when they moved to a farm three miles west of Homer, Nebraska.  In 1919, they moved into Homer.  William died at Homer on Sept. 30, 1937. Dora died Sept. 9, 1965 at Dakota City.
Elmer Broyhill March 6, 1892 6A8-A
Mabel Broyhill Aug. 23, 1901 6A8-B

About the Kids

Elmer - 4 children.
Mabel - born at Dakota City, Neb. Married William E. Brady.  4 Children. In 1976, they were living at 1809 W. 3rd St.; Grand Island, Nebraska 68801. (308) 382-4488.

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