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  John Norman
  James Jr.
    William Irving
       James Bryant
       Abraham Lincoln
       William Luce
       George Franklin
    Calvin Marion


William Irving Broyhill
son of  James Broyhill Jr.
    In an undated letter provided by Roy Broyhill, William Irving tells his own story.  It appears below.  He was born August 29, 1821 in Monroe County, Tennessee.  He wrote that his father's family and his uncle's family (William) moved to Illinois in 1830.  For many years it was believed that they moved from Wilkes together around 1820, but the records indicate that James Jr. moved in 1820 and William several years later.  They must have united in Tennessee prior to the 1830 move to Illinois. 
     William married Margaret Hutchinson, who was born in 1823. He died Dec. 14, 1892 and she died Nov. 27, 1910.      
Alonzo E. Broyhill Sept. 25, 1848 6A1
Ledonia Jane Broyhill Dec. 12, 1850 6A2
Charles Broyhill Oct. 23, 1952 6A3
James Bryant Broyhill Nov. 13, 1854 6A4
Sara Ella Broyhill Oct. 16, 1856 6A5
Richard Lee Broyhill Dec. 16, 1858 6A6
Abraham Lincoln Broyhill March 3, 1861 6A7
William Luce Broyhill Feb. 13, 1863 6A8
Unidentified Infant  May 16, 1865 6A9
Mary Louise Broyhill Feb. 4, 1866 6AA
Dora Broyhill May 16, 1868 6AB
George Franklin Broyhill Jan 11, 1871 6AC

About the Kids

Alonzo - Died as an infant on April 26, 1849.
Ledonia "Jennie" - Born at Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Married Marcus or Marcellus M. Ream in Dakota
  City, Nebraska on May 8, 1871.  Later moved to Sioux City, Iowa, then in 1923 to Los Angeles,
  Calif.  Marcus died Aug. 26, 1925.  Jeannie died Jan. 30, 1943.
Charles Broyhill - 6 children.
James Bryant - 4 children.
Sarah - Born in Tazewell County, Ill.  Married (1) James Slover, and (2) Chris Berg.  She and Chris
  had one child, who died at birth.
Richard - Born in Kersequa, Missouri.  Married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bullock in Sioux City on Nov. 28,
   1898.  They had no children. He died march 21, 1918 at Dakota City.
Abraham "Link" - Born at Brighton, Iowa.  Three children.
William - Two children.
Infant - No record of name.  Died Dec. 16, 1865 at 8 months.
Mary - Born in Brighton, Iowa Married Charles A. Herrick. They had two children.
   She died in Los Angeles on March 1, 1948.
Dora - Born in Brighton, Iowa.  Died at age eight, on March 23, 1876 at Sioux City.
George Franklin - Married Effie May Motes.  One child: Roy of Dakota City, Nebraska

William Irving Broyhill's Letter

"I was born in Monroe County, Tennessee August 29, 1821.  My father being opposed to the institution of slavery, we moved to Illinois in 1830. we stopped in the Elk Hart Grove in Sangamore County.  We got in late in the fall.  We secured a log cabin 14x 16 and my father's family and uncle's family in all consisted of ten persons - lived there all winter. There fell a snow four feet deep on a level which stopped all egress and ingress and that winter there were three families besides our own imprisoned in that grove.  And to the outside world, we knew nothing.
     "We never heard the secret music of speech, but started ... more to follow

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