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James Bryant Broyhill
son of  William Irving Broyhill

  James was born Nov. 13, 1854, in Tazewell County, Illinois.  Not long after that, his father moved the family to Missouri, but then in anticipation of the upcoming civil war, moved again to Mount Pleasant, Iowa, then on to Dakota City, Nebraska, arriving in 1856 when James was three years old.  He was raised in Dakota City and there married Alice Clay on Jan. 3, 1878.  She was born June 15, 1861.  they remained in Dakota City for awhile, then moved to Tekamah, Nebraska, then on to Birch City, Kansas, where they homesteaded.
     Alice died June 1, 1888 at her home in Cheyenne County, Kansas.  James took his small children back to Dakota City, where they were raised by his parents.  He acquired land in Western Nebraska and raised stock until 1914, when he took ill.  His daughter May, then age 22, came and cared for him until he died on April 14, 1920 at Dakota City. 
Bert Broyhill July 25, 1880 6A4-A
May Broyhill July 17, 1882 6A4-B
Irvie Clifford Broyhill March 28, 1884 6A4-C
Winifred Blanche Broyhill March 28, 1888 6A4-D

About the Kids

Bert - Died at age two on Sept. 5, 1882 at Tekamah, Nebraska.
May - Born at Tekamah, raised by her grandparents and worked at the George F. Broyhill
   store until she retired.  Never married.
Irvie - 11 children.
Winifred - Born in Bird City, Kansas.  she married Lloyd Giese in Kansas on June 5, 1918,
   but died three years later on Oct. 19, 1921.

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