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  John Norman
  James Jr.
    William Irving
       James Bryant
       Abraham Lincoln
       William Luce
       George Franklin
    Calvin Marion


George Franklin Broyhill
son of William Irving Broyhill

     George was born Jan. 11, 1871, at Dakota City, Nebraska.  He went to high school there, then worked for a  Dr. Stinson in a general merchandise store.  In 1896, he began his own hardware business.  He was 46 when he married Effie May Motes on October 25, 1917.  She was born Jan. 4, 1884.  Another late bloomer, she graduated from Needles Institute of Optometry, now the University of Missouri, and was a practicing optometrist. At the time of their marriage, she was running a jewelry store at Axtell, Kansas. 
     George died Dec. 14, 1948 at Sioux City Hospital and is buried at Graceland Cemetery.  Effie operated the store until her death on December 24, 1954.
Roy Franklin Broyhill June 20, 1919


About the Kids

Roy - 4 children.

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