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Martin Broyhill
son of  James Broyhill Jr.
1831- ? 
m. Charlotte Bennett. 
Page missing from my Family History.  Apparently had four children.
   Illinois Marriage Records show that he married Charlotte Bennett on Sept. 3, 1851 in Tazewell County. 
He is listed on the 1870 census as living in Van Meter; Dallas, Iowa.  He is 38 years old and born in Illinois.  He works for a carpenter.  His wife is listed as Charlotte, age 35, born in England.  Their children are Alice, age 17, Addie, female age 14, Eugene, age 12, and Martin, age 7.  He appears on the 1880 census, same township.  He is listed as age 40; Charlotte is 35.  Two kids in the house: Alice is 24 and Martin Jr. is age 10.  Charlotte M. Broyhill appears on the 1900 census; same township.  She is age 64. Her daughter Allie lives with her and she is age 47, born in Illinois.
  In my earlier research, I had a son listed as George Martin Broyhill
Alice Broyhill 1853 6F1
Addie Broyhill 1856 6F2
Eugene Broyhill 1858 6F3
George Martin Broyhill 1863 6F4

About the Kids

Eugene Broyhill (1858-   ) No further record on data base.  Not on any later census.
No Martin Broyhill, born 1863, appears on the census and other records indexed on
George is listed on the 1900 census as living in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa; his wife is Lyle M. Broyhill, age 23.  They have one child, daughter, Ruth. C. Broyhill, a baby
Martin  The only George that would be close is the household of Mrs. C. M. Broyhill that is listed on the 1910 census for Des Moines Ward 1, Polk, Iowa.  She is 75 years old and a widow.  Living with her is daughter, Alice, age 56, George son, age 49 and Cora, granddaughter, age 10.  I suspect that Mrs. C. M. is Mrs. Calvin Marion.
George is listed on the 1870 Census of Dallas County Iowa as age 7.  He married Ruth Puffer and they had one daughter, 6F4-A: Ruth Broyhill, born 1886?

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