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Abraham Lincoln Broyhill
son of William Irving Broyhill

     Roy Broyhill wrote that "Link" was born March 3, 1861, at Brighton, Iowa and moved with his parents to Dakota City, Nebraska.  He married Millie Nordyke in Jackson on May 14, 1890.  "Link" was the only barber in Dakota City. He died there on March 1, 1899, leaving Millie with three small children. Roy provided the children's birthdates.
   The 1900 census lists Mary A. Broyhill, age 30, living in Dakota Nebraska.  Her children are Raymond A Broyhill, age 8, .Henry Broyhill, age 6, and Verna E. Broyhill, age 4.
Raymond Arthur Broyhill June 17, 1891 6A7-A
Harry Broyhill Nov. 3, 1892 6A7-B
Verna Elizabeth Broyhill April 1, 1895 6A7-C

About the Kids

Raymond Broyhill (1891-1956?), son of Abraham Lincoln Broyhill
Mary Broyhill (1891-1940+)
      Roy said that he joined the navy in 1914 and stayed in for seven years.  After his discharge, he married   and moved to New York.  In 1950, he was living in Carlstadt, New Jersey.  He reportedly died about 1956.  No known children.
     The World War I draft registration of Raymond Arthur Broyhill states that he was born in Dakota City, Nebraska June 17, 1891.  He is a cook employed by the E.W. Nordyke Company.  He is single.  This contradicts his joining the navy in 1814. 
     He appears on the 1830 census living in Clifton, Passaic, New Jersey. He is age 38, born in Nebraska.  In the household is his wife Mary E. Broyhill, age 39.  She was born in England.
    Raymond Arthur Broyhill registered for the draft in World War II.  He then lived in Bergen, NY and was employed by the Rutherford Machine Shop in Bergen, NJ.  (note NY and NJ)  He names Mrs. Mary Broyhill as the person who can always contact him.
Harry Broyhill (1892-1975), son of Abraham Lincoln Broyhill
    Harry wrote that he joined the "Aviation" in 1917.  After two years overseas, he  returned to Dakota City, then settled in Sioux City, Iowa.  He worked at a gas station for 14 years, then as a carpenter. In 1936, he moved to Denver, where he continued working in the building trade until he retired in 1959. He loved fishing and every spare moment found him along one of Colorado's mountain streams.  When not casting a line, he was shooting movies of his fishing trips. In 1968, he was living at 1345 Uinta; Denver 80220. In 1976, letters to that address were returned, "addressee unknown."  Social Security death benefits state he died in Sioux City, Iowa in Dec. 1975.  No indication that he ever married.
Verna Broyhill (1895- ?  ), daughter of Abraham Lincoln Broyhill.
She married Arthur M. Ambright in Dakota City and they lived a few miles east of town since 1913.   They had four children.

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