Broyhill Family History

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  John Norman
  James Jr.
    William Irving
       James Bryant
          Irvie Clifford
            Virgil Ray
            Rodney Vincent
            Lawrence Lee
       Abraham Lincoln
       William Luce
       George Franklin
    Calvin Marion


Irvie Clifford Broyhill
son of  James Bryant Broyhill

 Irvie was born March 28, 1884.  He married Fern Sivela Abbott on Jan. 15, 1921 at South Sioux City, Nebraska.
Virgil Ray Broyhill April 23, 1922 6A4-C1
Alice Maxine Broyhill May 20, 1923 6A4-C2
Enid Eilean Broyhill June 5, 1925 6A4-C3
Viola May Broyhill April 10, 1927 6A4-C4
Ruth Fern Broyhill Aug. 8, 1929 6A4-C5
Helen F. Broyhill Jan. 13, 1931 6A4-C6
Catherine Jeanette Broyhill Jan 28, 1933 6A4-C7
Willis Clifford Broyhill Jan 3, 1935 6A4-C8
Rodney Vincent Broyhill Oct. 7, 1937 6A4-C9
Lawrence Lee Broyhill Dec. 13, 1940 6A4-CA
Mary Coleen Broyhill Nov. 26, 1943 6A4-CB

About the Kids

Virgil - Two sons.
Alice - Married Vern Niebuhr.  Three children.
Enid - Married Earl Tucker.  Two children.
Viola or "Clara" - married Eugene Newton.
Ruth Fern - married Walter Hackett
Helen Faith or Fay - married Herman Zastrvio
Catherine married (1) Harold Lias and (2) Carl Hacketton.  One child by Harold.
Willis - Married Sandra Bruton.  Two daughters: Thersa Fern, b. Dec. 1, 1956, and Jackie Ann, b. Sept. 9, 1961.
Rodney - 3 Children.
Lawrence - 5 children.
Mary - Married Edward Johnson. Two children.

Broyhill Family Tree
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