Broyhill Family History

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  John Norman
  James Jr.
    William Irving
       James Bryant
          Irvie Clifford
            Virgil Ray
            Rodney Vincent
            Lawrence Lee
       Abraham Lincoln
       William Luce
       George Franklin
    Calvin Marion


Rodney Vincent Broyhill
son of  Irvie Clifford Broyhill
1937-       1976 Address: Dakota City, Nebraska
Rodney was born Oct. 7, 1937.  Married Mary Rodgers.  
Clifford Lervy Broyhill 1958?? 6A4-C9A
Deena Lee Broyhill 1959?? 6A4-C9B
Carla Learin Broyhill 1962?? 6A4-C9C

About the Kids

No firm info on this family. Birth dates for children are conjecture.

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