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  John Norman
  James Jr.
    William Irving
       James Bryant
       Abraham Lincoln
       William Luce
       George Franklin
    Calvin Marion


Elmer Broyhill
son of  William Luce Broyhill
1892-1971    In 1976, his widow Hazel was living at: 730 S. County Club; Mesa, Arizona.
   Elmer was born March 6, 1892.  He married Hazel Evangeline Rockwell.  They first lived in Homer, Nebraska, then moved to Loveland, Colorado, and in 1937, to Mesa, Arizona.  Elmer died in Mesa on Sept. 23, 1971.
Kenneth Dean Broyhill Oct. 3, 1921 6A8-A1
Maxine Lorraine Broyhill Feb. 17, 1929 6A8-A2
Doris Evelyn Broyhill Aug. 2, 1930 6A8-A3
Gordon Broyhill 1933 6A8-A4

About the Kids

Kenneth - Retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1970.  Married Lillian Ruth Conway.
  They have one adopted son, 6A8-A1A: Michael Lewis Broyhill.  Michael was born May 28, 1940
  and married Anne Jones in Reno during 1973. He later married Shirley Ruth Miles, Carlsen.
  Mike has one child by the first marriage, 6A8-A1A-1: Kelly Lynn Broyhill, reportedly living in
   England with her mother.
Maxine - Married Glenn Worden Sigea.  In 1976, they were living at 416 E. 25th Ave; Torrington,
   Wyoming 82240.  (307) 532-5276.  Three children.
Doris - Married Keith Kearney Fredericks.  In 1976, they were living at 723 W. 24th St; Kearney,
    Nebraska 68847. (308) 234-2025.  Five children.
Gordon - Married Shirley Schler.  No record of current address.  Reportedly has three children:
Mike, Pat and Kevin.

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