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Stanley Clay Broyhill  (1892??-1920+), son of  Charles Broyhill
Callie Marie Lucas (1895?- ? ), wife of Stanley Clay Broyhill.
      Very little is known about Stanley Broyhill.  His son, George Edward Broyhill wrote me that he married Callie Marie Lucas, who was reportedly an Indian, but that his family never knew of the marriage.  Their son George was abandoned with his maternal grandmother and raised by her.  Roy Broyhill of Dakota City wrote me that Stanley "rode the rails" and that he and his brother Floyd lived in attic. Donna Jean Broyhill worked at the FBI during World War II and reported running across a file for Stanley Broyhill.  Its contents are unknown..   
    Recently released records shed a little light on him.
    Stanley C. Broyhill, age 18, born Nebraska, is listed on the 1910 census in Woodbury, Iowa. He is in the household of Elmer Hanson, age 38.  There are 17 people in the household, borders and relatives.  Stanley is listed as Elmer's son. 
     Stanley C. Broyhill, age 28, born Nebraska, is listed on the 1920 census in the household of W. J. Payne.  He is listed as brother-in-law.  A Floyd Broyhill is also listed as a brother-in-law.  Stanley had a brother named Floyd.   
    The 1900 census lists Callie M. Lucas as living in Township 2, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.  She is 12 years old and living in the household of her father, William Lucas, age 43, (b. c.1857).   William is married to Maggie M, age 32.  Callie has two sisters: Lucy E. Lucas, age 9, and Almira Lucas, age 1. All were born in Arkansas.
   In 1880, William J. Lucas age 20 (b. c.1860) was living with his father, David W. Lucas, in Lamar, Madison County, Arkansas.
George Edward Broyhill Dec. 12, 1916 6A3-A1

About the Kids

George had two daughters.

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