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Alexander A. Broyhill
son of  James Broyhill Jr.

      Alexander was born Sept. 21, 1839, probably in Tazewell County, Illinois.  During the Civil War, he served in the 8th Illinois Regular Infantry.  His records are at the Federal Achieves in Washington, D.C.  they tell an interesting story.
     He was wounded in the Battle of Fort Donnellson and given several months leave.  In August of 1862, he was busted from Sergeant for refusing to obey an order. The following February his unit moved out of Memphis, but Alex apparently decided to stay behind as he carried as AWOL (absent without leave) for several months.  It has been suggested that a man only goes AWOL for a woman.  Maybe she refused him, but whatever the reason he rejoined his outfit and was killed a few weeks later at the Battle of Vicksburg.  Is there a moral to all this? 

About the Kids

No record of Alex every being married.  Perhaps the records for Memphis should be searched.

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