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Francis Broyhill
Daughter of James, the First Broyhill


     Francis was probably born between 1795 and 1797 in Halifax or Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  She moved to Wilkes County, NC with her parents around 1805.  It was there that she married Elijah Hampton on Oct. 12, 1814.  His relation to the Isaiah Hampton who married her sister Sally is not known.  Elijah is listed on the 1820 Wilkes Census as being between 35 and 45 with his wife being between 16 and 25.  
      In 1976, I corresponded with Mrs. Loretta Bingham (384 N. 20th St.; Battle Creek, Mich.) who descends from this family.  She wrote that Elijah and Sally had six children. 

About the Kids

 The 1850 Census states that all were born in North Carolina.

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