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Sally Broyhill
Daughter of  James, the first Broyhill

     Sally or Sary Broyhill was probably born in Halifax or Pittsylvania County, Virginia around 1795.  On Sept. 23, 1815, she married Isaiah Hampton in Wilkes County, North Carolina.  He may have been related to the Elisha Hampton, who married her sister Francis.   In 1976, Mrs. Loretta Bingham (284 N. 20th St.; Battle Creek, Mich.) who is descended from Hamptons, wrote about Sally and Isaiah, "they moved from Wilkes between 1830 and 1840, believed to have gone with Broyhill relatives to Kentucky.  Census of 1830 indicates that they had three sons and the daughter. Believed by 1850, they were living in Green County Arkansas."  
     She says the 1850 Green County Census lists the family of Isaiah Hampton, but it may not be the same one.  Sally is listed as age 48, thus born in 1802.  Apparently she married at age 14.  It also states that she was born in Kentucky. If so, this is a surprise as there is no record of her parents living there.  Surprisingly the census abstract lists six children born between 1828 and 1857, two of them after 1850, and is doubtful that Sally had a child at age 55.  Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is the location: Green County, Arkansas.  This is where the family of Nathan Broyhill settled by 1850. 

About the Kids

 The 1850 Census states that all were born in North Carolina.

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