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Charles Otto Broyhill
son of  William C. Broyhill


 Charles was born March 2, 1857, probably in Tazewell County, Illinois.  He married Mary Francis Lackland around 1881 or 1882.  He died July 6, 1932 at Allentown.  Mary died eight years later. Both are buried at Mackinaw, Illinois.
Florence Broyhill May 30, 1880 3D4-A
Bessie Broyhill Dec. 23, 1883 3D4-B
Melvina Broyhill Aug. 20, 1886 3D4-C
William Warren Broyhill Oct. 14, 1888 3D4-D
Hazel Broyhill Jan. 12, 1892 3D4-E
Mable Broyhill Nov. 23, 1893 3D4-F
Charles William Broyhill July 31, 1897 3D4-G
Lillian Broyhill Jan. 30, 1900 3D4-H

About the Kids

Florence - Married Sanford Sparks.  Four children.  She died at the age of 29.
Bessie - Died July 2, 1909, at age 28.  May have never married.
Melvina - Married Louis Hoffman. Two daughters.
William - Married Florence Warner.  No children.  William took a deep interest in family history and compiled a number of extensive genealogies of his branch of the family during the 1940's.  They were retyped many times and carbon copies have shown up in many locations.  Virtually all the information on the descendents of William Broyhill was prepared by him.  He and Florence lived in Ottawa, Kansas.  He reportedly died in 1969.
Hazel - Married Andrew B. Stecker.  Two sons.
Mable - Married Roy Augustin. Three children.
Charles - Married (1) Hazel Streeper, who was mother of their one daughter, Donna Jean.  Later married Anna Robinson.  ( Donna Jean married Ray Scholz.  She died in Omaha in 1965.  I have encountered letters that refer to Donna Jean working at the FBI during WW2.  There she found the records of  a Stanley Broyhill.)
Lillian - Died as an infant.

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