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  John Norman
    William C.
    Francis Marion
      Ira Albert
         Chester Edward
  James Jr.


Roger Allen Broyhill
son of  Chester Broyhill
1976 Address: 6617 Post Oak Road; Peoria, Il. 61612.  (309) 691-2696
     Roger was born Dec. 9, 1946 at St. French Hospital in Peoria, Illinois.  He graduated with a B.S. from the University of Illinois in 1968.  Soon afterward he married Jenny Susan Taylor at Champaign, Illinois.  Then to a year in Viet-Nam, where he served as a forward observer.
    In 1976, he was half owner of Yorkshire Bilkers, contractors and developers.  He is also a commercial pilot.  He and Jenny were divorced in 1973.  They have two daughters. 
Laura Anne Broyhill Sept. 14, 1968 3F2-A1A
Josephine Tara Broyhill Nov. 21, 1969 3F2-A1B

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