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Rebecca Bailey (1760??-1830+), wife of James, the first Broyhill
       In his Revolutionary War Pension Request, James Broyhill stated he married Rebecca Bailey in Halifax County, Virginia. Halifax's marriage records show that Rebecca Bailey and James Bray were married on Sept. 19, 1785, by Rev. Thomas Dodson. The marriage bond states that she is the daughter of Joseph Bailey. As James often went by the name Bray, this is almost certainly his marriage to Rebecca.
     Joseph Bailey appears on the 1783 tax list of Halifax County as having eight white souls in his household, but then disappears from the records.  He does not appear in the county deed book indexes as either grantor or grantee. The only Baileys to appear in them over the next two decades are James, Thomas and John Bailey Jr. Apparently Joseph moved on, either west into Tennessee or Kentucky, or south into the Carolinas, Georgia or Alabama.
     Thomas Bailey was a Revolutionary War soldier. In his pension request (No. S.6578), he stated that he was born April 8, 1761 in Fairfax Co. Va. and moved to Loudoun County when three years old. He lived there one year after the close of the Revolutionary War and then moved to Halifax County. He was still living in Halifax County when he filed the request on Nov. 21, 1832.
     Louise Hutchinson is a professional researcher living in Leesburg, Virginia, Loudoun County seat. In 1987, she wrote, "by checking the tithable lists [for Loudoun County], I found two Joseph Bayleys. Not all the years have a complete list but Joseph Bayley appeared in 1765, 1770, 1771, 1772, 1773, 1775 and 1776, each year with a single tithable. In 1778 he appeared with two, Tho. Bayley being listed with him. In 1779 the second one in his household is listed as Thos. Bayley. In 1781, 1782 and 1783 the name Thomas is spelled out. Neither appears in 1784 or 1785. There were no clues to the Joseph Bayley here 1765-1783 in any of the deeds. Some Bayleys witnessing deeds were Daniel, James, Joseph and John. There are numerous listing for members of the family of William Bayley of Colchester, particularly to Pierce."
     This fairly well proves that the Rebecca Bailey who married James Bray (Broyhill) was the sister of Thomas Bailey of Halifax County, and that their father Joseph Bailey had moved to Halifax County around 1783. But where did Joseph come from?
     Loudoun County was formed from Fairfax County in 1757. A review of deeds and court orders from both counties reveal numerous references to members of the family of William Bayley. In a May 17, 1756 Fairfax County Indenture between Peter Wagner, John Barry and Edward Washington, Gent, directors and trustees of the town of Colchester in the county of Fairfax, and William Bayly, William is identified as being from the parish of Dettingen in the county of Prince William. In a March 12, 1757, Fairfax Indenture, he is identified as being of Truro Parish in the county of Fairfax. William Bayly's will was proved in May of 1782 in Fairfax County. In it, he names his sons Pierce Bayly, William Bayly, Samuel Bayly, Joseph Bayly, Mountjoy Bayly, Tapley Bayly and Robert Bayly.
     Ms. Hutchinson was correct about there being two Joseph Baileys in Loudoun County. As we have seen, one of them moved to Halifax County around 1782. The other died in Loudoun County. His will was proved July 13, 1789, and names his wife as Elizabeth, devises land in Maryland to William and Robert Bayley, sons of his brother William, and mentions brothers William and Pierce Bayley. Obviously the Joseph Bailey who died in Loudoun County was the son of William Bayley of Colchester in Fairfax, so who was the other Joseph Bailey? Was he a son of one of the other Bailey boys did he come from somewhere else?

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