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Sarah Norman? (1740??-1772+), wife of William Broughall Jr.
    IGI records list the wife of William Broyhill as Sarah Norman.  However, I question the accuracy of this.  A 1771 deed names his wife as Sarah.  I have never found any document citing her maiden name, but years ago I speculated that it may have been Norman.  I suspect that someone took that speculation and registered it with the IGI.
    Whatever her last name, William and Sarah were apparently married in before 1760 or 1761 when their son James was born. Sarah was probably born around 1740. They were apparently then living in Caroline County, Virginia. Their son James married Rebecca Bailey in 1787 and they named their first child John Norman Broyhill. He was the only one of their children to receive a middle name and in all probability he was named after Sarah’s father. If so, he was "John Norman" and he was probably born before 1720.
     In 1987, I was searching the ancestors of my grandmother, Nell Brewer Broyhill. Her mother, Nancy Shipwash, was born in 1848, had lived in Wilkes County, NC for many years and had an incredible memory. She could recite the genealogies of both her ancestors and those of my grandfather and Nell had the foresight to write it all down.  I have since researched her statements and found them to be unbelievably accurate. Nancy’s ancestors included Samuel Sprinkle, who married Ruth Norman in Surry County, NC in 1807.  Nancy named Ruth’s father as Joseph F. Norman. Armed with information, I researched the Norman Family. There appears have been only one Norman family living in Virginia during the early eighteen century - that of Culpeper County.     

Issac Norman Sr. (1680??-1763)
Earliest Known Ancestor

   Nellie Virginia Norman in her book, The Norman’s of Culpeper, wrote: Issac Norman Sr. (1680??-1763??) lived on Flatt Run in what is now Culpeper County, Va.  He married a woman named Courtney and they had the following children: Courtney, Kesiah, Jemima, Kerenhappuck, Isaac Jr., Joseph, Frances, Rose and Isabel.  Kesiah, Jemima and Kerenhapuck were said to have been named for the three daughters of Job, the last chapter in the Old Testament. Isaac seems to have wanted to give his children a good start in life. He gave his son Courtney a tract of land in 1728, and son Isaac Jr. one in 1735. It may have been a wedding gift or simply recognition that they had reached their age of majority. (Apparently he was financially unable to do this for the older sons). Assuming that each was then age twenty, establishes an estimated birth date for them. In 1740, he gave his son Joseph a tract of land, probably upon his marriage to his second wife, Sarah. 
     In 1987, Mrs. W.O. Absher, a professional genealogist from Wilkes County, prepared for me a long report on the Norman family in connection with searching my Brewer Ancestors.  She wrote that William Perry Johnson, a professional genealogist in Raleigh, NC, published the Journal of North Carolina Genealogy for many years.  In Vol. XI, No. 3, Fall, 1965, appears an article on the Norman Family contributed by Mr. George H.S. King, Genealogist of Fredericksburg, Va.
    It began by stating that the Normans of Culpeper County, Va. starts with Issac Norman who was a pioneer along the Rappahannock river in which is now Culpeper County. Many pioneers of that area came from Middlesex, Gloucester and other tidewater counties.
    It states that Issac Norman was born about 1680 and married Frances (last name Courtney, according to family tradition) and died in 1763.  In the early 1700's he lived on Flatt Run, a stream that flows into Mountain Run near where Mountain Run flows into the Rappahannock river, near the present town of Remington. Nearby "Norman's Ford" a notable early cross of the Rappahannock river is said to have taken its name from Issac Norman.  the Virginia Land Register, Vol XII, p. 484 states "Norman's ford on the Rappahannock river took its name from Issac Norman of the Stafford Family, who first settle there in June 1726 and had a land grant on the Spotsylvania (later Culpeper County) shore of the river.
     Issac Norman is first mentioned the records of Spotsylvania County in the will of John Roberts, dated Sept. 10, 1724.  John Roberts willed land to his sons, described as being on Flatt Run joining the land of Issac Norman.  There are many other deeds in Spotsylvania and Culpeper County revealing the activities of Issac Norman and his family.  According to various records, their children included:
Courtney Norman
Kesiah Norman
Jemima Norman
Kerenhapuck Norman
Issac Norman
Joseph Norman
Frances Norman
Rose Norman
      Mrs. Absher's report then follows his son Joseph, who was the father of James Norman, who moved to Wilkes County.

Courtney Norman (1708??-1770)
son of Issac Norman Sr.

     Courtney received a land grant from his father in 1728. He married Mary Browning and their son Courtney Jr. was born in 1730.  Nellie Virginia Norman suggested the land grant was a wedding present. Courtney and Mary had the following children: 
Courtney Norman Jr.
John Norman
Amey Norman
Reuben Norman
Benjamin Norman
Ezekiel Norman
William Norman
Mary Norman
Milley Norman

John (Courtney) Norman (1726??-1758+)
son of Courtney Norman

     John Norman was the son of Courtney Norman. Nellie Virginia Norman wrote that little was known about him, other than his wife’s name was Ann and that they had a son named Benjamin. However, he appears to be the only John Norman living in Virginia at that time. Thus he could very well be the father of Sarah, wife of William Broyhill.
      The International Genealogical Index maintained by the Mormon Church has several records pertaining to him: (1) Film No. 2034854 cites John Norman, b. 1726, Spotsylvania, Va. Father Courtney Norman, Mother Mary Browning. (2) Film 538314, page 2, Reference No. 13655 gives his name as John Courtney Norman and his birth as 1720. (3) Batch F513754, Source Call 1553746 names him as John Norman, same parents as cited above, but states that he is in Culpeper in 1758. and (4) Film 1985492 names him as John Norman, same parents as cited above, but states he was born in Culpeper, Virginia in 1763.  No record of  his children, but they may have included:
Benjamin Norman
Sarah Norman 1740??- wife of William Broughill Jr?

Another Possibility...
Joseph Norman  (1700??-1784)

son of Issac Norman Sr.

     However Courtney’s brother Joseph Norman (1700??-1784) was born in the early 1700’s and married Mary Read around 1730; she was the daughter of John and Winifred Favior Read. They had three children: Mary, Winifred, and James.  Apparently Mary died because he then married a Sarah; according to family tradition, her last name was Everett. They had Margaret "Peggy", William, Frances, Sarah "Sally," Jemima, Kesiah and John. This Sarah Norman was born about the right time to have been the wife of William Broughill.
     His parents deeded him land in 1740. It was near that of his brother in law Francis Browning in the Little Fork of the Rappahannock River on the head branch of Battle Run.  He died in 1784. His will dated 1783 was probated on Feb. 16, 1784 in Culpeper County, Va
     His son James was the father of the Ruth Norman, who married Samuel Sprinkle. Nancy Shipwash provided Joseph’s middle initial, "F." 











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