Broyhill Family History

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Ancient Britain

    The good life promised by the lowlands was also its curse. They faced continental Europe and attracted invaders. In modern times the existence of centralized government, rapid communications and organized armies and navies has resulted in the English Channel acting as a moat protecting the island. In ancient times, it served as a highway for invaders. The headlands of Dover could be seen from France. The passage by sea was short and every little cove and inlet offered a safe landing site.
    The first human beings were in Britain perhaps a half million years ago. In the late Neolithic or late stone age a more civilized race appeared. They were a Mediterranean people whose culture was derived originally from the Middle East. They were short, dark and slightly built with long heads and delicate features. Archeologists have given them the name Windmill Hill people because of an excavation of Around 1,900 BC, Britain was invaded by a very warlike people who are known as the Beaker folk because of the distinctive shape of their drinking vessels. They belong to the Alpine race which inhabited the mountainous areas of central Europe. The Beaker folk merged with older people to form the Urn societies of the middle bronze age.

Stonehenge was built by the Beaker folk.