Broyhill Family History

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The Welch Prince Brochwyll

    Back in the late 1960's this author searched all current telephone books for England and located a dozen Broughalls. Letters to them yielded replies from Fred and Frank Broughall, brothers living in Birmingham, England. Frank wrote
     I am now age 64, but well remember going many times for holidays to my father's birthplace at Preesgweene near Oswestry... The local clergyman was a Welshman, the Rev. Hughes, who was what we would now call very much a nationalist. All things appertaining to Wales, the songs, poetry and history were of passionate interest to him.
     Like most country clergy he had plenty of spare time and as a matter of interest he had delved into the background of the Broughall family. He stoutly maintained that we were descendants of the Welsh Prince Brochwyll, who fought alongside Owen Glendower against the English. This was around 1403, and it is of interest to realize as a historical fact that the wars in which Glendower fought were indeed border wars and very likely took place in the area of which we are speaking. Two miles from Preesgweene at Chirk stands a well preserved castle, indicative of fighting here. (Sept. 29, 1968).

   In 2006, I researched this on the Internet.  I could find no references to the name Brochwyll.  Wikipedia has a comprehenisve article on Owain Glyndŵr, sometimes anglicised as Owen Glendower.