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The Broughalls of England

     Back in the late 1960's this author searched all current telephone books for England and located a dozen Broughalls. Letters to them yielded replies from Fred and Frank Broughall, brothers living in Birmingham, England. Fred wrote
   My father, who was born in 1843, was a Shropshire man, coming to Birmingham somewhere around 1900 and everything we know suggests that most Broughalls over the last 200 years have come from Shropshire or the counties close to it. (Aug. 31, 1968)
   There seems to be no doubt that as Shropshire County place name [Broughall] has a history going back to the early 1300's and possibly to Doomsdays Book, over 200 years earlier. (Dec. 15, 1968)

A search of the many works at the Library of Congress revealed only one reference to the Broughall name - a book titled Pastel for Eliza, by Marjorie Broughall of Norwich, Norfolk, England. In response to a letter from this author, Marjorie wrote:

     I am very much interested in your inquiry, but I fear that I shall be of little use to you. The branch of the Broughall family to which I belong, and of which I am the last representative came from Shropshire, England.
     My father, Edward Broughall, a civil Engineer was born in 1846, the 2nd son of a "gentlemen farmer," just outside of Wen in Shropshire... Wen is a small country town a little more than halfway on the road between Shrewsbury and Chester.
     About two miles east of Whitchurch there is marked on the map a tiny hamlet called Broughall. My brother and I visited it in 1947, and there appears to be about two cottages and a farm. We asked a man working in the field if this was the village of Broughall, pronouncing it "Broal" as we do. He replied, "It is the hamlet of Broughall," pronouncing it "Bruffle."

The names Broughall and Brochywyll have a very similar sound, and is there is a relationship between them?  It is interesting that both Marjorie and Frank's families trace their roots back to the Welch border area, near Chester, only a few miles from Broughall.