Broyhill Family History

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The Braughills/Broughalls of Dublin

     The Ulster-Scot Historical Society in Belfast Northern Ireland has a manuscript record titled Burke's Collection for forming Irish Pedigrees. The original wills were destroyed in 1922 when the Irish Records Building burned. The abstracts are all that remain.
1608 - Thomas Braughall, no county listed.
1662 - Thomas Braughall died intestate.
1662 - Richard Braughall, merchant of Dublin, 1662, was married to Margery
            and had one child, Robert - 56th Deputy Keeper's Report. (#109)
1669 - Thomas Broughall of Clonsillagh. He was married to Anne and their children 
            were Richard, Thomas, Edward, Christopher, Mary and Margaret.
            His brother, unamed, had two sons, Walter and William. (#110 & 111)
1677 - William Broughall, no county listed. He was married to Elizabeth. No children.
1679 - Michael Brachall, married to Patrick?. His cousin John Brachall had a 
            son Richard.
1699 - Anne Broughall of Clonsillagh in Co. Dublin, wife of Robert Broughall, gent.
            Her will names children: Thomas, Richard, Christopher, Edward, Mary
            and Margaret. (#114)
1707 - Richard Broughall of Dublin, merchant. No wife or children named. (#113)
1710 - Thomas Braughall of Clonsillagh in the Co. of Dublin. Names wife Eclis 
            and children Edward and Anne. (#116)
1736 - Robert Braughall, Co. Grange.
1830 - Edward Broughall or Braughall

The 1669 will of Thomas Broughall names his wife as Anne and their children as Richard, Thomas, Edward, Christopher, Mary and Margaret. He mentions an unnamed brother who had two sons, Walter and William. Anne's will was proved in 1669. She names the same children as Thomas and she was obviously his widow. However, she identifies her husband as Robert. Was Robert the unnamed brother of Thomas? Her sons Richard, Thomas and Robert are probably the Broughalls who left wills in 1707, 1710 and 1736. The William Broughill who left a 1677 will is probably the son of Thomas' unnamed brother. Interestingly, the 1710 will of Thomas Braughill carries his Coat-of-Arms. It is a tree - same as that used by the Boyle family. Other Coat-of-Arms are shown for Anne Broughall (1699) and Thomas Broughall (1669).