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Thomas Davis Broyhill, son of  John Norman Broyhill
1816-1890+) m. Emeline Goodnight.
Tom was born Oct. 17, 1816 at Moravian Falls, NC.  The family Bible of William A. Broyhill (last known to be in the possession of Dewey Broyhill) names Thomas' wife as Emaline Goodnight.  Gene Knight states that she had been married before and had a son name William F. Nelson.  More than likely Goodnight was her maiden name and Nelson was the name she acquired by her first marriage.
    Tom left Wilkes County as a young man.  In 1840, he was living in Tazewell County, Ill.  In the census of that year, it listed him as having three in his household: one male 20-30 years old, one female of the same age and one male 5-10 years old, the latter possibly being the child of his wife.  His grandfather, James, the first Broyhill, moved to Tazewell in the late 1820's.  Thomas probably went with him.  No record of his death.
     Sometime after the death of his wife, he returned to Wilkes County for a visit, bringing with him his daughter, Mary Ellen.  This was about 1890 and both Dewey Broyhill and Dessie Broyhill remember the visit.     Tom and Emaline had three children: 
    Thomas is listed on the 1850 census a living in Wilkes County. He is 35 years old, a farmer, born in North Carolina.  His wife is listed as Emeline, age 37.  In their household is William Nelson, 19, Mary E. Broyhill, 10 and George Broyhill 6.  All three children were born in Illinois.
Mary Ellen Broyhill 1841 1B1
George Chaplin Broyhill 1845 1B2
Laura E. Broyhill 1847 1B3

About the Kids

Mary - Married Daniel Knight.  The Gene Knight, cited above, descends from her.  In 1976, he was living at Box 718; Riddle, Oregon. 97469. (503) 874-2489.
George - Died in the Civil War
Laura - Born April 16, 1847 and died two weeks later on May 2nd.

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