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William Allen Broyhill
son of John Norman Broyhill

         He was born in Wilkes County, NC around 1826, as he is listed as age four on the 1830 Census.  ADdb cites his date of birth as He married Annie Earp on Nov. 16, 1848.  She was often called Nellie and was the mother of all his children. I have done extensive research into the Earp Family and will eventually publish it on this web, but for now, Yes, she was related to the famous marshal Wyatt Earp, but the relationship was very distant; she was a generation older than him and may never have known him.
     Family members have told me that William was a farmer, but also taught school doing the winter months and that he was a preacher.  I have found no records of this and suspect that he may have been confused with the father of Sally Gilreath, wife of  William's son, Thomas Jefferson Broyhill. 
     On Dec. 24, 1874, William married Celene, the widow of David Laws, who was killed during the Civil War.  According to family tradition, they later separated to let her collect a pension based on David's military service.  Wilkes County records also list the marriage of William to Queen V. Eller on March 1, 1895.  
    A databased submitted to cites his middle name as being Andrew and states that he was born May 4, 1826; he died Aug. 23, 1902 in Wilkes County.  The first seven children were abstracted from census records by me.  The database add an 8th child: Panthea.  
Mary Broyhill 1850?? 1E1       
Thomas Jefferson Broyhill June 6, 1852 1E2
Francis Linda Broyhill 1854?? 1E3
Nancy Mitalda Broyhill Dec. 20, 1856 1E4
William Andrew Broyhill Jr. 1859? 1E5
Martha Broyhill Aug. 16, 1862 1E6
Dovie J. Broyhill 1865?? 1E6
Pantha E. Broyhill    

About the Kids

Mary Elizabeth Broyhill (1851-1917)
m. (1) Bryant Wallace, (2) Wash Treadaway.
The above data base cites her name as Mary Elizabeth Broyhill and states she was born June 24, 1851.  Dewey told me that she first married Bryant Wallace and they lived in Alexander County, NC.  They had five children: Jones, Calvin, Carl, Efegene and Meady.  She later married "Wash" Treadaway. the database states she died June 29, 1917 in Wilkes County.
Thomas J. Broyhill - 11 children, including three sets of twins. Progenitor of the Virginia Broyhills.
Francis Broyhill (1854?
m. ?    Wallace
Dewey said she married  Frank Wallace.  It is not known if he was related to the Bryant Wallace, who married her sister Mary.  He knew of one known child, Dora Wallace, who married Don Laws, a successful publisher. The above data base says she married Franklin S. Wallace and that they had two children Dora Ann Wallace, b. 1875 and Ollie L. Wallace, b. 1878, both in Wilkes Co.
Nancy Mitilda Broyhill (1856-1885?)
Dewey said she married John Steelman.  Reportedly lived in Oregon and had several children. 
She died about 1885.
William  Broyhill Jr.  - In spite of the "Jr." William's middle name is Andrew, whereas his father's was Allen.  9 children.  Many descendants.
Martha Broyhill (1862-1917?)
Dewey said that she married John Barnes and lived at Mill Creek, Oklahoma.  Three children: Irving Barnes, Tom Barnes, and Belcea Barnes.  She died during World War II.  Above database gives his names as J.C. Barnes and states that they married about 1862 in Wilkes County
Dovie J. Broyhill (1865?- ?
Dewey gave her name as as Dozie and said that she lived in Statesville, NC and nd married an Issac Wilborn; she died in West Virginia.  Dovie had a son named Gordon Broyhill.  The database states she married Isaac T. Wilborn around 1862 in Wilkes County. Date is too early.

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