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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
      Jesse Fred
      Robert Vance
     William Allen
  James Jr.


John E. Broyhill, son of  John Norman Broyhill.
1820?-1872+) m. Mary "Polly" Bebber.

   Census records indicate that John was born about 1820.  The death certificate of his son Isaac, says that his father was born in Tennessee.  John married Mary Bebber, often called "Polly."  She was reportedly from Alexander County, NC and born about 1829.  
     Family tradition states that he lived his entire life in Wilkes and was a farmer. 
Elisha Broyhill 1849? 1D1
Isaac Broyhill 1850? 1D2
James Alexander Broyhill Dec. 21, 1851 1D3
Calloway Broyhill 1854? 1D4
Jesse Fred Broyhill May 4, 1856 1D5
Thomas Broyhill 1857 1D6
Benjamine Broyhill 1859 1D7
John Broyhill 1862 1D8
Robert Vance Broyhill 1864 1D9
Annie Broyhill 1865 1DA
Mary Broyhill 1866 1DB
Joseph Broyhill 1869 1DC
Cicero Broyhill 1872 1DE

About the Kids

Elisha - 5 Children.
Isaac - 9 Children.
James - Listed in the household of his parents on 1860, 1870, and 1880 Wilkes Co., NC census.  In 1880, he was 28 years old.  According to Obie Broyhill, the third son of John and Polly was "Alexander," not James.  He registered on the Wilkes County Grandfather Clause in 1908 as James A. Broyhill and states that he was born Dec. 21, 1851 to John E. Broyhill and Polly Bebber.   He died on June 22, 1914, and his death registration states he was single.
Calloway  - At least one son. No further record
Jesse - 11 Children
Thomas - Listed on 1860, 1870 and 1880 of Wilkes County, NC, living in the household of his parents.  Dewey said he died young.  Apparently never married.
Benjamine - 5 Children
John - Listed in his parents household on 1870 and 1880 Wilkes Census.  Never married.
Robert - 6 Children - the Broyhills of Sevierville, Tenn.
Annie - Listed in parents household on 1870 and 1880 Wilkes Census.  No further record.
Mary - Listed in parents household on 1870 and 1880 Wilkes Census. Dewey Broyhill of Moravian Falls said that she married a man named Pennell in Moravian Falls, NC and that they had two children.  Both died young.
Joseph - Shown as age 11 on 1880 Census,. Obie said John and Polly had a son named Joe.  A J.F. Broyhill, born 1869, died in Wilkes County, NC on Jan. 15, 1918.
Cicero - Census record indicate that he was born 1872.  A Cicero Broyhill married Maggie Fox in on March 29,1908 and a Cicero Broyhill married Ranie Laws on Dec. 10,1915; both marriages were in Wilkes County, NC.   County records show he died April 17, 1935 and that his wife was Maggie.  Are there two Ciceros?  No record of children.

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