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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
        Thomas Hamilton
        Gordon Alonzo
        Isaac Jefferson "Jeff"
        James Edger "J. Ed"
      Jesse Fred
      Robert Vance
    William Allen
  James Jr.


Isaac Broyhill
son of  John E. Broyhill

  As a young man, Isaac lived with his parents on Pores Knob, but would come down to Boomer to do carpenter work.  It was there he met Margaret Parsons.  On April 23, 186, he rode down to her farm with a second horse in tow.  Soon they were on their way to Moravian Falls where they were married by Squire Hubbard.
     Isaac liked to keep bees and would sell the honey.  He had attended a little school near Pores Knob, but mostly educated himself.  He was very religious and was often seen sitting in the yard near his bees reading the Bible.  He reportedly read it from cover to cover several times.  
Thomas Hamilton Broyhill April 22, 1877 1D2-A
Gordon Alonzo Broyhill 1879 1D2-B
John Manuel Broyhill Jan. 1, 1883 1D2-C
William Calloway Broyhill Feb. 10, 1885 1D2-D
Mary Lou Broyhill 1887 1D2-E
Isaac Jefferson "Jeff" Broyhill Feb. 9, 1889 1D2-F
James Edger "J. Ed" Broyhill May 5, 1892 1D2-G
Nancy Victoria Broyhill March 25, 1894 1D2-H
Myrtle Mae Broyhill March 29, 1898 1D2-I

About the Kids

Thomas - 5 Children
Gordon - 3 Children
John - Born in Wilkes Co. NC.  Married Cordelia Marie Sentelle in Canton, NC on April 16, 1924.  One Daughter: Virginia Mae Broyhill.  She married Thad McCoy Mullis.  In 1976, they were living at Box 506; Lenoir, NC 38645.  (704) 754-9043
William "Will" -  Born in Wilkes county.  Went into lumber business, which took him to Idaho, Montana, Washington and Georgia.  He later return to Lenoir, NC where he became a timber appraiser for Broyhill furniture Industries. He married Alice Theora Morgan in Rowan County.  She was the mother of his only child, a daughter, Willie Christine Broyhill.  Alice died Sept. 11, 1957.  In 1959, Will married Rose Runion, Bowman.  In 1976, she lived at 701 Penton Ave; Lenoir, NC 28645.  (704) 754-3382.  He is listed on the 1910 Wilkes census as age 25. He lives in the household of his mother, Margaret.  He is listed on the 1920 census as living at Lower Creek; Caldwell County, NC.  He is 34 years old.  His wife Theora is 36.  One child: Willie C., age 1 11/12.
Mary Lou - Never married.  Reportedly died in 1973.
Jeff - 5 Children
"J. Ed" - 4 Children
Nancy - Died as a young child on Jan. 31, 1896.
Myrtle Mae - Married William Martin McGlamery.  Two daughters.

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