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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
        Thomas Hamilton
        Gordon Alonzo
        Isaac Jefferson "Jeff"
          James Lloyd
          Vernon Carlton
        James Edger "J. Ed"
      Jesse Fred
      Robert Vance
    William Allen
  James Jr.


Issac Jefferson "Jeff" Broyhill
son of  Issac Broyhill

 Born Feb. 9, 1889.  Married Ada Belle Carlton on Sept. 25, 1918.  He died in Caldwell County, NC on Feb. 27, 1960.
Julia Arlee Broyhill Sept. 5, 1919 1D2-F1
Naomi Mae Broyhill Nov. 10, 1922 1D2-F2
Jessie Evelyn Broyhill Nov. 12, 1924 1D2-F3
James Lloyd Broyhill Dec. 17, 1926 1D2-F4
Vernon Carlton Broyhill Feb. 2, 1929 1D2-F5

About the Kids

Julie - Married John William Andrews.  In 1976, they lived at Rt #1; Boomer, NC 28606.
(919) 921-3491.  Two children: Mary Elizabeth and Robert William.
Naomi - Born in Wilkes County, NC.  Graduated from Appalachia State University in 1944 and taught school in Wilkes for 27 years.  She married Harold Welborn Parks on July15, 1950.  They had two children James Harold Parks and Daniel Broyhill Parks.  Harold died of a heart attack in 1957. She later married Thomas Lowell  Triplett Sr. In 1976, she was living at 307 Seventh Street; Conover, NC 28613.  (704) 464-8701.
Jessie - Like her sister, she born in Wilkes County and graduated from Appalachia State University.  She taught school in Lenoir for 28 year and is a member of the Alpha delta Kappa, honorary sorority for Women educations.  She married Thomas Greer Dec. 16, 1945d at Little Rock Baptist Church in Wilkes.  Two children Larry Frank  Greer and Francis Annette Greer.  In 1976, she was living at 141 Maehill Place; Lenoir, NC 28645.  (704) 754-6977.
James - Three daughters.
Vernon - Three children.

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