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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
        Thomas Hamilton
        Gordon Alonzo
        Isaac Jefferson "Jeff"
        James Edger "J. Ed"
          Paul Hunt
         James Thomas
         Satie Elizabeth "Betty"
      Jesse Fred
      Robert Vance
    William Allen
  James Jr.

James Edger "J. Ed" Broyhill
son of  Issac Broyhill

 "J. Ed" was born May 5, 1892 and died during the 1990's.  He served in the army during World War I.  He was founder and chairman of the board of Broyhill Furniture Industries.    His son-in-law, Bill Stevens, wrote an extensive biography of Ed, Anvil of Adversity
Ed married Satie Leona Hunt.  They had four children:
Edith Allene Broyhill April 24, 1922 1D2-G1
Paul Hunt Broyhill April 5, 1924 1D2-G2
James Thomas Broyhill Aug. 19, 1927 1D2-G3
Satie Elizabeth "Betty" Broyhill March 3, 1929 1D2-G4

About the Kids

Edith "Allene" - Married William Edward Stevens on Dec. 27, 1944.  Bill was an executive with Broyhill Furniture, active in North 0Carolina politics, and author of Ed's biography.  Allene and Bill had six children: James W. Stevens, Rebecca H. Stevens, Martha A. Stevens, John F. Stevens, Ann Elizabeth Stevens, and Richard Stevens.
Paul - 3 children.
James - 3 children
Betty -

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