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Benjamine Harold Broyhill (1859?-1919+), son of  John E. Broyhill
Vianer Octavia Church (1880??-1919??), wife of Benjamin Broyhill

     Ben is listed as living in the household of his parents on the 1860, 1870, and 1880 Wilkes County Census.  The various ages listed for him suggest he was born around 1859.  He married Vienna Octavia Church in Wilkes County on April 16, 1893.  The marriage license states that both were born in Wilkes.  
     I have mixed information about their children.  Dewey Broyhill of Moravian Falls said that they had: Mary Hazel, Fred, John, and another daughter. 
       Watauga County records show that a Benjamine Broyhill died on April 13, 1925 at the age of 53.  Thus this Ben would have been born in 1872, not 1859.  Thus there may very well be two Ben Broyhills and the following list reflect both of their children.   Dewey Broyhill said that Ben, son of John E., was buried at either Banner Elk, Boone Trail or Valle Cru.
   The 1920 census shows Benajmin Broyhill in Shawneehaw, Watauga Co. NC.  He is 56 years old (b. c.1864).  No wife is listed.  In his household are:
  Age Born
Fred D. Broyhill 20 1900
Mary H. Broyhill 16 1904
Elbert Broyhill 11 1909
Anna E. Broyhill 8 1912
Elmer L. Broyhill 1 1919
   Thus their children were:
Fred Dewey Broyhill 1900? 1D7-B
Mary Hazel Broyhill Oct 8, 1903 1D7-A
James Elbert "Johnny" Broyhill 1919? 1D7-E
Anna E. Broyhill
Elmer Louis Broyhill Nov. 13, 1918 1D7-D

About the Kids

Fred Dewey Broyhill (1900?-1925), son of Benjamin Harold Broyhill
Maude Townsend (1905??-1925+), wife of Fred Dewey Broyhill
.  Died in Watauga County on May 12, 1925, but death certificate lists same date for both birth and death.  It lists his wife as Maude.  Her last name was Townsend, according to birth records of their children.  Two children: Francis who was born Sept 22, 1922 and Fred Dewey Jr. who was born Oct., 26, 1925 - just six months after the death of his father.  Fred Jr. died as an infant on Jan. 27, 1926.
Mary Broyhill (1903-1920+), son of Benjamin Harold Broyhill
 North Carolina Birth Records show that she was born Oct. 8, 1903 in Watauga  County..  Her father his Benjamin Harold Broyhill.  Her mother is Vianer Octavia Church.
Anna E. Broyhill (1912-1920+)
Appears on 1920 census as age 8.  No further record.
John Broyhill (1915?? -   )
Named as a son of Benjamin by Dewey Broyhill, who said that he married a girl named Bishop.
No further record.
Elmer Louis Broyhill  (1919?- ?  ), son of Benjamin Harold Broyhill
Listed on 1920 Census.  No further record.
James Elbert Broyhill (1919?-1949+ ), son of Benjamin Harold Broyhill
Annie Lee Hartley (1920??-1968?), wife of James Elbert Broyhill.Two children.  See article.

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