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Calloway Broyhill
son of  John E. Broyhill

  Calloway is listed on the 1860, 1870, and 1880 Wilkes Co. NC census as living in the household of his parents.  They indicate that he was born around 1854.  Wilkes County records the marriage of Galloway, (yes, that's a "G") to Mary Lane on May 19, 1886.  He lists his age as 28.  He may have lied about his age as Calloway was then 34.  Wilkes lists the death of his wife Mary Adams on July 6, 1920.  She was the daughter of John and Mary.  Calloway died May 13, 1921. They may have had four children:
   On, he does not appear on the parts of the 1890 census that survive.   On the 1900 census he is in Moravian Falls, Wilkes County, NC.  He is listed as Caloway Broyhll, age 46, born in North Carolina.  His wife, Mary is 45.  Three children: Delia O., age 13, Eugene, age 8, and Floyd, age 3.  He is listed on the 1910 census as living in Moravian Falls, NC., age 55.  His wife, Mary, is age 54.
Two children are listed: Eugene Broyhill, age 18 and Floyd, age 12.
   On the 1920 Wilkes County Census, Calloway is age 66 and his wife, Mary is age 64.  Eugene is 28 and Floyd is 21. 
   Dewey said that Calloway and Nellie had two children who died young.
Delia O. Broyhill 1887?
Eugene Broyhill 1890?
Floyd Dayton Broyhill 1907?

About the Kids

Delia Broyhill (1897- ? )
No record other than her name.
Eugene Broyhill (1890-1930+)
Lizzie   ?    , Broyhill (1900-1930+)
    The World War I Draft Registration lists Eugene as living in East Fruitland, NC.  He was born April 24, 1890 at Poors Knob, NC.  The year of birth does not coincide with census records.  He is single, a farmer working for East Fruitland.
    Eugene appears on the 1930 census as living in Moravian Falls; Wilkes Co., NC.  He is 39 years old.  His wife, Lizzie, is age 30.  They have three children: Edgar, age 6; Junior, age 3, Cora age 7/12.  The census entry is immediately followed by the ones for Dewey Broyhill and Howard M. Broyhill. 
Floyd Dayton Broyhill  (1897-1976)
Nellie Clanton (1897?- ?   )
     Floyd is listed as head of household on the 1930 census as living in Moravian Falls, Wilkes Co. NC.  He is 33 and his wife, Nellie, is age 28. According to the North Carolina Birth Index he was born Jan 18, 1897 in Wilkes County.  His father was Calloway and his mother was Mary Adams.  North Carolina Death Records state he died Mar 15, 1976 - Statesville, Iredell, North Carolina
   On June 15, 1918, he filled out a draft registration card card in Wilkesboro.  He stated that he worked on his father's farm in East Fruit Land, NC.
    Dewey Broyhill said he served in the army during WWI.  He married Nellie Clanton in Wilkes County on Oct. 1, 1921.   In 1976, he was reported to be living in Moravian Falls.  No record of any children.

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