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Thomas Hamilton Broyhill
son of  Issac Broyhill

 Tom was born April 22, 1877, in a small log cabin on top of Pores Knob mountain, where his parents first set up housekeeping.  The date was one of dual celebrations, because his parents had married only one year before on the same date.  As a child, Tom must have been very active because it was often said that his mother would have to tie him to an apple tree in order to hoe her corn and other chores.
     After a few years of grade school, he worked at farming, logging and storekeeping.  On April 22, 1900, he married Panthey Olive Carlton in Caldwell County, NC.  Tom acquired a small saw mill and cut timbers.  In 1905, the Lenoir Furniture Corporation was formed and Tom invested the profits from his lumber business in the new venture.  Eight years company the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Tom bought out the other stock holders and put the business on the road to prosperity.  Today it is an part of Broyhill furniture Industries. 
      Tom and Panthey  had four children.   They divorced and Tom married her sister, Mary "Mae" Powell on March 14, 1915.  They had one child who died as an infant.  Tom died Nov. 19, 1995.
Otis Lutz Broyhill Sept. 22, 1903 1D2-A1
Lillian Mae Broyhill Sept. 19, 1904 1D2-A2
Ethel Jane Broyhill July 26, 1907 1D2-A3
Roy Theodore Broyhill May 12, 1912 1D2-A4
Unnamed Infant 1918?? 1D2-A5

About the Kids

Otis - 4 children.
Lillie Mae - Married Dr. Verne Hamilton Blackwelder on April 14, 1932.  Two daughters: Mary Caroline, born 1936; and Barbara Ann, born 1941.
Ethel Jane Broyhill - Married Robert Jones Stevens on Nov. 28, 1930.  Three children: Robert J. Stevens, born 1932; Thomas H. Stevens, born 1935; and Charles E. Stevens, born 1935
Roy - Four children.

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