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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
        Thomas Hamilton
           Otis Lutz
           Roy Theodore
        Gordon Alonzo
        Isaac Jefferson "Jeff"
        James Edger "J. Ed"
      Jesse Fred
      Robert Vance
    William Allen
  James Jr.

Roy Theodore Broyhill
son of  Thomas Hamilton Broyhill
1910-1976+   In 1976, lived at Box 794; Lenoir, NC; (704) 754-6364

  Roy was born May 12, 1912, in Caldwell County, NC.  Attended Mercersburg Academy and the University of North Carolina.  In 1934, he began working for Broyhill Furniture Industries and in 1976 was its purchasing agent.
Patricia Ann Broyhill June 8, 1935 1D2-A4A
Virginia Hamilton Broyhill July 30, 1937 1D2-A4B
Linda Jane Broyhill Feb. 27, 1940 1D2-A4C
William T. Broyhill 1945 1D2-A4D

About the Kids

Patricia - Marred Thomas Britt Hudson.  In 1976, they had one child: Bradley.
Virginia - Married William Clayton Cobb Jr. In 1976, they were living at 41 Fishhawk Drive: Middletown, NJ.07748.
Linda - Married Brian Patrick Hogan on Feb. 19, 19761.  In 1976, they were living at 546 Cherry Tree Lane; Smoke Rise, NJ. 07405.
William - In 1976, he could be reached in care of his father at the above address.
All the children were born at Blackwelder Hospital in Lenoir, NC.
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