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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
      Jesse Fred
         Jesse D
         John Lee
      Robert Vance
    William Allen
  James Jr.


Jesse Fred Broyhill
son of  John E. Broyhill

  Jesse was born May 4, 1856.  On Feb. 22, 1883, he married Rebecca Elizabeth Davis at Wilkesboro, NC.  Jesse was a farmer and never served in the military.  Obie said that Rebecca lived from 1865 until 1939.  Both are buried at Goshen Baptist church near Wilkesboro.
Edna Broyhill 1884?? 1D5-A
Charles Leonard Broyhill May 10, 1885 1D5-B
Robert Broyhill April 7, 1888 1D5-C
Jesse D. Broyhill 1890? 1D5-D
John Lee Broyhill 1891?? 1D5-E
Mary Broyhill 1893?? 1D5-F
Mattie Broyhill July 22, 1896 1D5-G
Carsen Broyhill July 22, 1898 1D5-H
Thomas M. Broyhill 1902? 1D5-I
Obie D. Broyhill Aug. 26, 1908 1D5-J
Roby L. Broyhill Aug. 26, 1908 1D5-K

About the Kids

Edna - Married Will Ferguson.  Had at least seven children.  She died Feb. 28, 1920.
Charles - Born in Goshen, NC.  Married Stella Woods.  Children included: Ola Estelle Broyhill,
    Pearl S. Broyhill, Clara Z. Broyhill, Sanford Odel Broyhill and Thelma Broyhill. 
Robert - Died at the age of one on June 2, 1889.
Jesse - 7 Children.
John Lee - Three children.
Mary - Married Phillip Walsh.  At least  two children: Mable Walsh and Edward Walsh.  In 1976, both were reportedly living in North Wilkesboro, NC.
Mattie - Had one known child: Carsen Broyhill, who was born July 22, 1898 and died Aug. 2, 1918.  He never married.  In 1976, Mattie was Mrs. Mattie Bickness and was living at RFD 4; North Wilkesboro.
Carsen - Died Aug. 2, 1918.  Never married.
Thomas - Died on March 9, 1930 and his death certificate states that he was 32 years old at the time of his death.  Have been unable to find birth registration, marriage certificate or name of his wife.  Several family members told me that he was murdered by his wife. Had one known child, a daughter: Ila Dean Broyhill.  No further record of her.
Obie - Twin brother of Roby.  Married Elsie Spears.  They had one daughter, Patricia, who was born Jan 3, 1953 in North Wilkesboro.  In 1976, she was attending college in Chapel Hills, NC.
Obie was a merchant for 23 years, but in 1976 was retired and living at 1000 River Street;
Wilkesboro, NC.  838-4662.  He provided this author with a great deal of information about the Broyhills of Wilkes County.
Roby - Twin of Obie.  Married Ella Lovette.  One daughter: Teresa Broyhill, born March 9, 1917.  In 1976, Obie was living in Wilkesboro, NC.

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