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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
         Cicero James
       Jesse Fred
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  James Jr.


Elisha Broyhill
son of  John E. Broyhill


  Census records show that he was born in Wilkes County, NC in 1849.  Wilkes County Death Registrations show that he died on July 28, 1923.  They name his wife as Emaline.  Obie Broyhill wrote that she was "Babe" Davis and that she was the sister of his mother.  Dewey Broyhill of Moravian Falls said they had four children: Sherman, Martha, Mary and Cicero.  the 1880 Wilkes Census list N.E. Broyhill, wife, age 25; M.B., daughter, 6, M.C., daughter, 3; J.N., son, 1, and Nancy Roberts, grandmother, age not given.  The two daughters are probably Martha and Mary.  Sherman and Cicero were probably born after 1880.  
Martha Broyhill 1874? 1D1-A
Mary Broyhill 1877? 1D1-B
J.N. Broyhill 1879 1D1-C
Sherman Broyhill 1883?? 1D1-D
Cicero James Broyhill 1887?? 1D1-E

About the Kids

Martha - Dewey Broyhill of Moravian Falls said she married a Gordon Merthil.
Mary - Reportedly married a man named Minton. It should be noted that Mary Broyhill, daughter of Stephen 1B3-B was also reported to have married a Minton.  Are the two being confused?
J.N. - Name appears on 1880 Census.  No further record.
Sherman - 5 children.  No known Broyhill descendents
Cicero - 11 children.

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