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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
         Cicero James
           Robert Dewey
       Jesse Fred
       Robert Vance
     William Allen
  James Jr.


Cicero James Broyhill
son of  Elisha Broyhill
1887-1976+   In 1976, was reportedly living in Boomer, NC

  Married Rainey Laws in Wilkes County, NC on Dec. 10, 1815.  As some of the birthdates are not yet available, the children may not be listed in order of birth.
Minnie Broyhill 1917?? 1D1-E1
Robert Dewey Broyhill June 1, 1920 1D1-E2
Jesse Broyhill 1920? 1D1-E3
Mae Broyhill 1921? 1D1-E4
Warren Broyhill 1922 1D1-E5
Florence Annie Broyhill April 10, 1922 1D1-E6
Beatrice Broyhill Jan. 21, 1926 1D1-E7
Ethel Irene Broyhill Nov. 6, 1930 1D1-E8
Arlee Broyhill 1932?? 1D1-E9
Virginia Dare Broyhill 1934 1D1-EA
Elsie Sue Broyhill Nov. 23, 1944 1D1-EB

About the Kids

Minnie - No further record.
Robert - 8 Children.
Warren -  Reported to have at least one son, Danny Lee Broyhill.
Florence - Married a Bell.
No additional information on other children.

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