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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
         Cicero James
       Jesse Fred
       Robert Vance
    William Allen
  James Jr.


Sherman Broyhill
son of  Elisha Broyhill

   Wilkes County, NC records his marriage to Lelah Wood on July 26, 1905.  The following births are recorded in Wilkes:
Bessie Mae Broyhill Feb. 26, 1907 1D1-D1
Howard Broyhill Aug. 20, 1913 1D1-D2
Ruby Broyhill Nov. 13, 1918 1D1-D3
Merle Virginia Broyhill Dec. 31, 1921 1D1-D4
Delia Broyhill Aug. 5, 1924 1D1-D5

About the Kids

Howard - Died at age 13 on March 23, 1926, Wilkes County, NC
Delia - Died at birth.
No further records.

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