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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
    William Allen
      Thomas Jefferson
        Ruel Vandenburg
        Marvin Talmage
        Thomas Gibson
        Felix Hobert
        Lincoln R. "Pete"
      William Andrew
  James Jr.


Thomas Jefferson Broyhill
son of  William Allen Broyhill

Thomas Jefferson Broyhill was born in Wilkes County, NC on June 16, 1852.  He married Sallie Gilreath on Jan. 12, 1882 in Wilkes.  They had eleven children that included three sets of twins.  
     He owned a sawmill near Moravian Falls and was the founder of Harmony Church. His entire family moved to Hopewell, Virginia during World War I.  He died about 1936. He descendents remember him as a quiet man and deep thinker. During the 1920's, he predicted television and that his children would live to see a man on the moon.  He was a skilled carpenter and my Dad remembered his large, powerful hands.
     I have extensive biographical information on Tom and have compiled the genealogy of his wife.  His youngest son, "Pete" had Tom and Sallie's Family Bible and gave it to this author just a few days prior to his death.
Winfield Broyhill Oct. 28, 1882 1E2-A 
Ruel Vandenburg Broyhill March 29, 1885 1E2-B
Unnamed twin boy March 23, 1887 1E2-C
Unnamed twin girl March 23, 1887 1E2-D
Marvin Talmage Broyhill July 27, 1888 1E2-E
Dessie Broyhill Sept. 14, 1890 1E2-F
Thomas Gibson Broyhill Sept. 14, 1890 1E2-G
Dallis Whitfield Broyhill Oct 10, 1894. 1E2-H
Felix Hobert Broyhill Feb. 12, 1897 1E2-I
Annie Lou Broyhill Feb. 12, 1897 1E2-J
Lincoln R. "Pete" Broyhill Nov. 10, 1901 1E2-K

About the Kids

Winfield - Died as a baby on Nov. 21, 1884.
Ruel - Three children.
Unnamed Twins - The girl died shortly after birth. The boy died the next day.
Marvin - Five children
Dessie - Twin of Gibson. Married Oliver Lee Hawkins on Feb. 3, 1915 in Wilkesboro, NC.  He was educated at the New Hope Academy and the Appalachian State Normal, now the State Teachers College. He was a minister of a Methodist Church.  Dessie also graduated from the Appalachian State Normal. For many years, they lived in West Virginia.  Two children: Oliver Lee Hawkins Jr. and Thomas Broyhill Hawkins.
Gibson - As he was called, had five children.
Dallis - Died as young child on Jan. 19, 1896.
Felix - Twin of Annie Lou.  Six children, including a set of triplets.
Annie - Married John Garrett in 1936.  For many years, she worked for the Hercules Powder Company in Hopewell, Virginia.  Two sons: John and Tom.

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