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  John Norman
    James H
    John E
    William Allen
      Thomas Jefferson
        Ruel Vandenburg
          Thomas Jerry
          Ray Ruel
        Marvin Talmage
        Thomas Gibson
        Felix Hobert
        Lincoln R. "Pete"
      William Andrew
  James Jr.


Ruel Vandenburg Broyhill
son of  Thomas Jefferson Broyhill

       Ruel was born in Wilkes County, NC on March 29, 1885. He married Fannie Aysel in Wilkes on Oct. 20, 1907.   Fannie was born Jan. 9, 1885 and was then 22 years old. 
        Ruel and his dad had been running a sawmill and lumber store in North Wilkesboro when Woodrow Wilson took office in 1912.  Their business dropped off drastically.  About that time, some four hundred miles to the north east, the E.I. DuPont de Nemours Company had purchased , "Hopewell,"  the historic Epes plantation in Prince George County, Virginia to build a dynamite factory.  But then Europe was plunged into war, France was overrun and the Allies seemed to be taking a beating on all fronts.  France and England sought help from DuPont, who responded by scraping plans for the dynamite factory in favor of building a large one devoted to the manufacture of gun cotton, a basic essential for high powered artillery ammunition.
    Ruel moved to Hopewell, Virginia in 1915 to obtain work.  He was later followed by other members of his family.   This resulted in one branch of the Broyhill family returning to the Old Dominion. Fannie died in Hopewell, Va. in October, 1977.
Sally Sue Broyhill July 28, 1908 1E2-B1
Thomas Jerry Broyhill Oct. 5, 1910 1E2-B2
Ray Ruel Broyhill Nov. 27, 1912 1E2-B3

About the Kids

Sally - Married Robert E. Petersen of Hopewell, Virginia on Oct. 8, 1929.  They had five children: Herbert, Carol, Margaret, Robert and Shirley.  Carol lives at 915 Buren Street; Hopewell, Va. 23860.  (804) 458-2765.
Thomas - Five children.
Ray - Two Children.

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