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  John Norman
    James H
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    William Allen
      Thomas Jefferson
        Ruel Vandenburg
        Marvin Talmage
          Marvin Jr.
          Joel Thomas
          Herbert Coolidge
          Vivian Joy
          Nell Rose "Cookie"
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        Lincoln R. "Pete"
      William Andrew
  James Jr.


Marvin T. Broyhill (Sr.)
son of  Thomas Jefferson Broyhill

Marvin Talmage Broyhill was born in Wilkes County, NC ion July 27, 1888.  His mother named him after a minister.   He died in Arlington, Va in November 1966.  He married Nell Magdalene Brewer in 1917.  She was born Aug 29, 1897.
Nell died in Washington, DC in Jan. 1987.
Extensive biography on file. 

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His Adventures in Alaska

About the Kids

Marvin Talmage Broyhill Jr. 1918-1969 1E2-E1 
Joel Thomas Broyhill 1919- 1E2-E2
Herbert Coolege Broyhill 1921-1985? 1E2-E3
Vivian Joy Broyhill 1927- 1E2-E4
Nell Rose "Cookie" Broyhill 1930- 1E2-E5
About the Kids
Marvin Broyhill Jr. - Four children
Joel Thomas Broyhill - Three daughters
Herbert Broyhill  - 4 wives; 5 children
Joy Broyhill - Married (1) John M. Roberts, who was the father of her children.  (2) Theodore H. Collins, and (3) Weldon Aubrey Price.  Children: Cheryl, John Gregory, Richard, Marvin. 
13927 Chelmsford Dr Gainesville, Va. 20155.  (703) 743-1110
Nell Rose "Cookie" Broyhill.   - Married (1) John W. Hardell Jr.  He was the father of John, Joel and Lorena.  Married (2) Joseph Murphy, who was the father of Seana.  Lived for many years with her mother at 4869 N. 35th Rd.; Arlington, Va. 22207.  Now lives in Gainesville, Va.  (703) 743-5750
    Shawna m. Michael Haiss; 7243 Chestnut  Warrenton, Va. 20187; (540) 347-5710
Marvin and Nell are seated.  Between them is their daughter Cookie.  Standing, left to right: Herbert, Marvin Jr., Joel and Vivian Joy

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