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Joel Thomas Broyhill
son of  Marvin Talmage Broyhill 
Current Address: 4601 Old Dominion Drive; Arlington, Va. 22203.  (703) 524-1129

      This is probably Joel's marriage picture.  Left to right: unknown woman, probably Jane's maid of honor, Jane, Joel, Marvin Jr, (my father), best man.
     Joel was born Nov. 4, 1919, in Hopewell, Virginia.  He married Jane Marshall Bragg in Arlington, Va. on May 23, 1942.  Jane was the sister of Helen Bragg, who married Joel's cousin Tom Broyhill.  Joel attended Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia and George Washington University in Washington, DC.  Jane attended Longwood Teacher's College in Farmville, Va.
     Joel enlisted in the army during World War II and rose from private to captain in less than two years.  While serving as a company commander in the 106th Infantry, his command and others in the division were virtually wiped out during the ill-fated Battle of the Bulge. Joel was held in German concentration camp for several months, then escaped and made his way back to advancing American lines.
    At the age of 33, he was elected to Congress in 1951, filing the seat of the newly formed 10th district of Virginia. He remained in Congress for 22 years, but was defeated "because of Watergate and Lies."  Joel had come into office on Ike's coat tails and his political opponent relied heavily on photos of Joel and Richard Nixon taken during the 1950s when Nixon was Vice President.  As a Congressman, he was the first and perhaps only one in history to serve on both the powerful House Ways and Means Committee and another committee, the District Committee that controlled Washington, DC.
    Jane was the mother of his three daughters.  After she died, Joel remarried.     
Nancy Pierce Broyhill Oct. 15, 1943 1E2-E2A
Jane Anne Broyhill May 27, 1946 1E2-E2B
Jeanne Marie Broyhill March 28, 1951 1E2-E2C

About the Kids

Nancy - Graduated Phi Beta Kappa from George Washington University in Washington, DC.  After working on Capital Hill for several years, she married Robert Dudley.  They had twins.
Jane Anne - Married.
Jeanne - Married.

Joel and Jane

   During most of the 1950s, Marvin and brother Joel lived next door to one another.  Their cousin Tom lived a few doors away.  The kids often played together.  Above, left to right: Susan standing with her hands on the shoulders of her sister Missy, Marvin T. Broyhill III, Nancy an Jane Anne, and Sandra.  Susan and Sandra are twins; they and sister Missy are the daughters of Tom Broyhill.  Nancy and Jane Anne are Joel's daughters.  Marvin III is son of Marvin Jr.

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